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Nintendo's Open World Future of Pokémon Legends: Arceus


13:41 Thursday.03 February 2022

Garrick! I appreciate the comment! yea there were flaws in the game, I hope they learn from them and pick it up in the next titles. I hope this isn’t a one off concept or something Nintendo did with Animal Crossing where they jumped from console to console on the major title drops and confused the community before we finally got the one on the switch. I doubt they will mess it up but you never know, again thanks for commenting and complimenting the article!

14:29 Wednesday.02 February 2022

This review really hits the nail on the head, without the fluff of other articles. I’ve personally gone hands on and at about 20 hours I’m loving the experience all be it a flawed one. I think legends is going to continue on as the next primary spin off to the core games much like Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Colosseum has been in the past. If they can polish this concept and dare I say make it a little more difficult and complex any future “Pokemon Legends” games we get will massively broaden the already massive franchises fan base.

14:07 Wednesday.02 February 2022

To the comment Ron made, I think we agree on a lot here! I think the issue with the graphics is knowing thie company is worth $60B and definitely are capable of making the game way cleaner than it is, I compared it to the capability allowance of the Switch as well as titles like BOTW that actually dropped almost every blade of grass on the ground, if this was an indie title I’d be more forgiving.

I’m excited for the future of the Pokemon Franchise with these games // hopeful for new mechanics to be implemented in the future releases!

14:03 Wednesday.02 February 2022

Solid review! Throughly enjoying this game as an avid Pokemon player – I can see why other aspects of this game might not make others outside the fanbase enjoy it as much. Much of what you mentioned in this review. So in that regard most of what you said is valid! 2 out of 10 for graphics is low! Lol give it at least a 5! ;) Regardless, this is a much needed and overdue change for the Pokemon franchise – if they can take many of the concepts of this game and flesh them out gameplay and graphic wise (and make a true open world game) I think Pokemon can make a major play in the gaming world like they did 25 years ago! Fingers crossed on the next major title and hope they spend another year to it as well!

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