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The Hardest Pokémon Challenge


10:28 Saturday.15 April 2023

this has some good stuff, but it should add the hardcore nuzlocke which is like a nuzlocke but with more rules thanks.

08:39 Thursday.02 December 2021

Never done a Nuzzlocke before although I know of them. Didnt know about the other forms of the Nuzzlocke though, and honestly the Sleeplocke, even though you get breaks would be harddddd, thats a solid 18-19 hours of gameplay. People are insane who come up with these lol. Great read though, I thoroughly enjoyed!

14:00 Wednesday.01 December 2021

i’ve seen a soul link run before and they look like a blast but super intense… i wanna try one with my boyfriend but i just KOW we gonna be arguing over it LUL

Alexander Gonzales
11:32 Wednesday.01 December 2021

Great article! As someone who only recently heard about Nuzlocke, I found this very informative. Definitely gonna bookmark this in case I ever return to playing Pokemon again

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