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Twitch's New Income Format for Streamers


XNDRs Bully
01:52 Sunday.30 January 2022

As a viewer i really don’t mind watching ads. I’m here to support a content creator and if that means i have to sit through an ad or pay channel points for an ad to be run; i damn well hope the streamer is getting some money out of it.

08:29 Friday.28 January 2022

I could see this being very beneficial to those with big audiences, One thing I hate though is that Ad’s themself are annoying and when I see my favorite stream go out of their way to talk about an ad or a sponsor I find it a bit disingenuous. That being said, Get that money king XD

18:29 Thursday.27 January 2022

This is interesting, could we potentially see Twitch becoming the standard entry level job in the content creation industry?

15:26 Thursday.27 January 2022

Nice quick read! I think this is a nice change from a streamer standpoint. Less pressure on people to pay in and sub and more control to create revenue doing what we love, gaming/streaming!

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