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People Leaving Twitch


09:30 Monday.04 October 2021

This article was GREAT, down to the stats and info to some slight opinions in some mixes. Of course I am uneven on the thoughts on if twitch stinks or if they are just sub-par compared to what they should be. I think they have lots to improve, but overall they are the best you can get in terms of community and overall vibe. I DO miss the days of old when it comes to Twitch though, when every streamer felt really connected and so did the chats. The conversations bounced off eachother and streamers just looked like they were having more fun and finding out ways to interact more with their community. It’s broken into a bit of a “how can I make money” vibe as of late, these contracts, affiliates asking for more from their payout and other in my opinion wild requests. Just stream, have a good time, and don’t stress the grind. my break from the constant streams of hoping for the next big donation is extremely relieving. I encourage those who do grind to get great sized donations and support, but don’t surround your stigma of a good stream based upon this. Just have fun. Anyways, great article I hope others get a chance to read and comment!

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