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A Letter from Me to You by a Legend of Zelda Fan


10:46 Tuesday.31 May 2022

I think this was a wonderful article and an opinion that had its positives and negatives. I truly enjoyed BotW but I also am not a completionist. I beat it and moved on! For one that grinded the entire game. this may have become a redundant title and I completely understand that. I think all your points were valid. The best thing about Zelda titles is they create a new fan base while keeping the old ones in my opinion. A lot of people really enjoy the variations between games. For me A Link to the Past is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. I grew up on this title and it just felt like a infinitely long title with two worlds blended into the game. I played it as an adult a few years back and it was just as good as when I was a kid. If you haven’t played it, I highly suggest!. Again great article!

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